Flynn Bros Funeral Home

Flynn Bros Funeral Home

Flynn Bros Funeral Home

Flynn Bros. Inc. Funeral Home was founded in 1957 after a purchase by members of the Flynn family of the real and personal property formerly owned by John D. Ryan for the operation of his funeral home business and furniture store in the Village of Greenwich.

In 1961, Harold E., Leo J., and James A. Flynn began construction of a second funeral home in Schuylerville.

In 1966 Joseph J. Turcotte became the Licensed Manager of Flynn Bros. Inc. Funeral Home in Schuylerville.

Also in 1966, the Flynns purchased the inventory, supplies, and equipment of Hughes Funeral Home in Schuylerville. In 1976, they purchased the funeral business of John Garrett in Greenwich.

In 1973, Joseph J. Turcotte began to purchase shares of The Company's stock, and with the eventual retirement of the Flynn's, he became the sole owner of Flynn Bros. Inc. Funeral Homes.

2010, Jamie Turcotte Nevins purchased the funeral home from her father, and with her husband Ken, they will continue to run Flynn Bros. Inc. Funeral Homes as an independent family business.

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